About Us

Windwick Farm Freeze Dried Experience is a local business based out of Niagara Ontario. We Freeze Dry all of the beautiful food, as much in season locally grown produce as we can handle! We also offer sweet treats like Freeze Dried Skittles, Jolly Ranchers and Ice Cream Treats! All prepared in a Health Inspected Facility by Certified Food Handlers.

The freeze drying process changes food in a remarkable way. 97% of the nutrients are retained, this is one of the best ways to preserve our food. Ask me about the tomatoes!

Our intentions are for you to have a great time enjoying our food right out of the bag and we also have many bakers & chocolate makers that use our products because it doesn't affect moisture content.

Your reaction after you've experienced it is our favourite part!

You can find us in a few shops in and around the Niagara area and participating in Local Markets as often as we can!Follow us on Facebook @WindwickFarm and Instagram @winwickfarmniagara to see what we're up to!

Thank you for stopping by, Enjoy the Day.